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• by tom mullen

Right on cue, Gen. Tod Wolters, U.S. European Command chief, did precisely that.

"I think what we need to do from a U.S. force perspective is look at what takes place in Europe following the completion of Ukraine-Russia scenario and examine the European contributions, and based off the breadth and depth of the European contributions, be prepared to adjust the U.S. contributions. And my suspicion is we're going to still need more," he said.

Following the Ukraine-Russia scenario? So, once the Ukraine-Russia war is over, in which zero American soldiers fought, American taxpayers should pay for even more soldiers deployed in Europe to…what? Not fight again?

This isn't to say American troops should fight in the Ukraine-Russia war, even though it was started by the U.S. State Department. It's an acknowledgement that they cannot fight in the Ukraine-Russia war, as Joe Biden has so far retained the mental capacity to realize.