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Days After Biden Hailed NATO As "More United Than Ever", A Split Emerges Over Talking To P

• Zero Hedge

Update(1700ET): Recall that Biden in Brussels just days ago hailing a NATO that's "more united than ever"... as France24 and others reported: "Russian President Vladimir Putin had banked on NATO being split when he launched an invasion of Ukraine last month, but Putin actually sparked the exact opposite, with the alliance now being more united than ever, US President Joe Biden said at a NATO-G7 summit in Brussels on Thursday."

And now on Monday, NATO allies are said to be split on whether they should talk to Putin, which also comes after weeks of France's Emmanuel Macron coming under intense pressure for being among the only Western leaders willing to hold frequent phone calls directly with Putin seeking de-escalation. Macron, it should be remembered, was the first to criticize Biden over the US president's remarks suggesting US policy is now regime change in Russia. "We shouldn't escalate, with words or actions," Macron said.

"As NATO allies discuss the terms of any potential peace deal to be struck between Russia and Ukraine, signs of strategic splits are emerging from within their ranks," writes Bloomberg. "With the war now in its second month, a series of dilemmas are coming into sharp focus over which conditions could be deemed acceptable by Ukraine for any accord, especially as regards the security guarantees alliance members might be able to offer Kyiv."