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Criminal Notice and Complaint - Serve the Legal Notice

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The first step is to serve the legal notice to the person/company requiring you to comply with an unlawful mandate or protocol. This is essentially a courtesy; a way of documenting you've let your supervisor know of your concerns, and documenting that person now knows their request is unlawful. Save a copy of the notice you serve and attach it with the application for criminal complaint when you file at a later date. Remember, "I'm just doing my job" has never been a defense to crimes against humanity.

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File an Application for Criminal Complaint with Law Enforcement or County/State Attorney


Each state or jurisdiction will have its own Rules of Criminal Procedure that outline the methodology for filing this Complaint. This is a model form Criminal Complaint, and it is free and available for use by anyone in any jurisdiction. It can be used as the basis for crafting your own Private Criminal Complaint. 

The legal requirements for filing such a Complaint in any state or local jurisdiction are all included in this form. It is designed to fulfill the broadest requirements based upon the legal concept of Universal Jurisdiction.

The factual assertions and supporting exhibits are intended to establish Probable Cause to believe the Defendants have and are committing, including conspiracy to commit, Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity as defined in the Complaint. Universal Jurisdiction allows for the filing of this Complaint in any law enforcement agency with powers to investigate and prosecute felonies, including but not limited to police departments, sheriff's offices, district attorney's offices, State Attorney General's offices, State Bureaus of Investigation, or even local courts and county clerks' offices.

Each state will have its own rules.

Even if the local office or agency you choose to file with does not understand the concept of Universal Jurisdiction, it is your right to bring such a Complaint as a citizen and/or resident of your particular jurisdiction.

You can use the information contained in these instructions and the form Complaint to inform your local office or agency.