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EXCLUSIVE: The Babylon Bee Has Obtained Copies Of Hunter Biden's Google Search History

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Our team of Beexperts has been analyzing the search history for a couple of minutes and we are now ready to share the less horrifying ones with the world.

"find old laptop"

"where is Margaritaville?"

"what does a board of directors do?"

"what is oil?"

"Hunter Biden a star WArs Story"

"There Will Be Blood cliff notes"

"Barisma barista difference"

"prostitute reviews near me yelp"

"how muvch coccaime is to much cxocaine"

"are twinkies born with frosting inside them?"

"what is obama's last name?"

"can you get in trouble for taking bribes reddit"

"interstellar ending explained reddit"

"how to find multiple lost laptops"

"can you get someone pregnant in pool"

"presidents son average salary"

"epstein island flights + southwest airlines"

"How tell if someone you know has dementia"

"hey siri find my old lapdog"

"hey siri not lapdog lapdog"

"hey siri no i said lapdog"



"call dad"

"call joe biden"

"call + 'biden dad'"

"cat gifs"