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NATO Is a Problem, Not the Solution

•, by Yves Engler

While we'll never know if the war would not have happened under different circumstances, after a month of Russian violence against Ukraine the two countries' negotiators have reportedly agreed that it will reject joining NATO as part of a peace pact.

Russia has long objected to NATO's eastward expansion, particularly Ukraine's de facto incorporation into the alliance. It repeatedly raised objections to NATO encircling its territory in the months leading up to its illegal invasion.

Last week the head of the European Union's foreign policy, Josep Borrell, even admitted the push to expand NATO into Ukraine was an error. "I am ready to admit that we made a number of mistakes and that we lost the possibility of Russia's rapprochement with the West," he told French TV TF1. "There are moments that we could do better, there are things that we proposed and then could not implement, such as, for example, the promise that Ukraine and Georgia will become part of NATO." South African president Cyril Ramaphosa, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro have all cited NATO belligerence as central to precipitating the current war.

Over many years Canadian parliamentary and media reports have noted Russia's opposition to NATO expansion. A 2004 National Post story about Ukraine's North American financed Orange Revolution explained why Moscow opposed its adhesion to the alliance. "For Russia," wrote international affairs reporter Matthew Fisher, "if Ukraine were to join NATO, and turn its Black Sea ports and its northern airports into havens for Western warships and fighter jets, it would be like having a dagger plunged close to its heart."