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Cold Response 2022: NATO Sends 35K Troops to Norway for "Drills"

• Organic Prepper - Jeff Thompson

Need further proof that the Ukraine war is only going to escalate? Then look no further than Cold Response 2022 – the largest military exercise within the Arctic Circle in modern times.

Every two years, NATO puts on a Cold Response exercise. The stated purpose of this military exercise is to test NATO's capabilities of working together within a cold environment. It just so happens that 2022 is another year that Cold Response is scheduled to begin, and it started earlier this week.

At the moment, you have roughly 35,000 NATO troops, a nuclear attack sub, around 200 aircraft, and approximately 50 vessels combined from roughly 28 different countries that are amassed in Norway for participation in Cold Response 2022. And just 130 miles from the Russian border.

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