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'Most Famous Man in the World'

• By Daniel McAdams

This is not how most of my press appearances begin and it is the concluding chapter of perhaps the strangest 24 hours of my life. But thus began my interview on India's Times Now Television this morning as a follow up to one of the craziest and – even just 24 hours later – the most-watched moments of television history!

For those who haven't seen it, I was invited for the first time to be a guest on one of India's top English language television stations. I figured that since India's a huge country and there must a good-sized audience, it might be a good opportunity to inform non-American viewers that there are perspectives on foreign policy here that, though widely-held, rarely get an airing on mainstream outlets.

What followed was an incredible comedy of errors that is less funny if it is explained. It can be viewed here.

In short, the producer had somehow mixed up my name and affiliation with that of a newspaper editor in Kiev, so that when the Ukrainian was calling for military attacks on Russia, the show host thought it was Daniel McAdams, director of the Ron Paul Institute for PEACE and Prosperity. He screamed at the other person who he thought was me to "take a bit of a chill pill."

No comedy writer could have penned a more hilarious madcap back-and-forth, because this was purely authentic.