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Truck Convoy Threatens To Clog DC Area Roads Over Weekend

•, Mark Hand

Police are preparing for traffic disruptions this weekend and possibly into early next week as truck drivers and others inspired by last month's occupation of Canada's capital city begin to arrive in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region.

One group, The People's Convoy, left Southern California several days ago for a cross-country trip to the D.C. area. The number of participants has fluctuated as the convoy makes its way across the country, with 100 vehicles in some states and several hundred in others.

Participants in the U.S. convoys are protesting COVID-19-related restrictions at the federal and local levels, although most of those restrictions have been lifted.

Law enforcement officials believe the convoys may block main roads across the D.C. area over the weekend and into next week.

The Virginia State Police said it is monitoring "potential commercial and passenger vehicle affecting traffic" in Northern Virginia. The police agency said it has been in contact with the groups' organizers to ensure they understand Virginia's traffic laws.

"These communications have also enabled us to share our expectations related to keeping traffic flowing safely and efficiently on Virginia highways, especially in the case of emergencies and for first responder vehicles," the state police said.

Residents should expect to see an increased presence of state troopers "as part of the department's operational plan for this still-fluid situation," the agency said.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said Friday that Metrobus customers may experience significant delays and disruptions this weekend due to the truck convoys.