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A convoy of truckers protesting Covid-19 measures is expected to arrive in the DC...

•, By Alaa Elassar

Convoy groups led by American truckers are making their way toward the nation's capital to demand an end to all Covid-19 mandates and restrictions.

The protesters, with members coming from at least three individual convoy groups, are expected to arrive in Washington, DC, throughout the upcoming weekend.

The convoys follow the lead of Canadian protesters who in late January spent three weeks demonstrating against Covid-19 mandates, crippling three US border crossings and downtown Ottawa.

Canadian police arrested more than 100 people when the so-called "Freedom Convoy," turned violent after truckers blocked roads and irritated residents with honking horns.

Other "Freedom Convoys" in Europe, including groups in France and Belgium, resulted in demonstrators blocking traffic and law enforcement responding with tear gas and arrests.

With Covid-19 mandates already dropping around the country in line with falling infection numbers, demonstrators are still showing up with demands.