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The future of aquaculture. New fish farming technologies

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With the help of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and microscopic fungi, almost every country with access to the sea will be able to completely solve the issue of its own seafood shortage. And today we will look at exactly how advanced technologies will help feed the entire planet. People have been going to the sea for food since ancient times. In the last century, fishing has become so widespread that hundreds of marine life species have become endangered. Thus, according to The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, more than 90 species of fish, including sharks, rays, and other cartilaginous fish, are at risk in European waters alone. As Nicholas Dulvy, a marine ecologist at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada, points out "There's been no effective movement on fisheries management in the Mediterranean in the last decade". To make matters worse, different countries have various fishing laws and what is prohibited in one country may easily be allowed in another. This results in fishing boats being able to catch even illegal fish species and simply sell them on another market.