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Vengeful Thievery by Biden and the Pentagon with Afghanistan

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Perhaps the best example of this phenomenon is the Pentagon's application of the term "Operation Enduring Freedom" to its deadly and destructive operations in Afghanistan. There was also the supposed concern for "women's rights" within the country.

It was always a lie. That was demonstrated by the fact that there was never an upward limit on the number of Afghan people who could be killed during the invasion and occupation. Why, early on, the Pentagon and the CIA even established a policy to not keep count of the number of Afghans they killed. It didn't matter. Any number of deaths and injuries, no matter how high, was considered acceptable. The idea was that those people who survived the deadly and destructive U.S. violence would enjoy "enduring freedom" and "women's rights."

The truth is that U.S. officials never cared one whit for the well-being of the Afghan people, including all those people at Afghan wedding parties who were periodically bombed during the 20-year occupation.

Today, the U.S. government's viciousness is, once again, on display, with two things: (1) The decision by President Biden and the Pentagon's to enforce one of their patented systems of economic sanctions on the Afghan populace, and (2) Biden's and the Pentagon's decision to steal more than $7 billion from the Afghan government.

The sanctions are a pure display of viciousness. Why target the Afghan people with more death and suffering? The war is over. The Pentagon and the CIA lost. Get over it. Leave the Afghan people alone. Enough is enough. Can't they be satisfied with the large number of deaths and the massive destruction they wreaked for the last 20 years on the Afghan people? Why kill and impoverish even more with a brutal system of economic sanctions?