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"Eyes Of The World Are On Us" - Ontario Declares 'State Of Emergency' Over Bridge

• by Tyler Durden

Ontario Premier Doug Ford told reporters that the federal government is enacting new powers to end the blockade. He said protesters will be slapped with hefty fines (amounting to $78,800) and jail time, according to Bloomberg. 

"Your right to make a political statement does not outweigh the right of hundreds of thousands of workers to earn their living," said Ford. "It does not outweigh our right to get food across our borders, your right to make a political statement."

Ford declared the state of emergency amid growing pressure from multiple industries, including the auto sector, as well as Canada's federal government and the White House. The bridge's closure has slowed the movement of freight as drivers reroute to other crossings, including the nearby Blue Water Bridge. Auto plants on both sides of the border have scaled back production because of the slowdown.

"We're going to move forward as quickly as we can to clear the bridge to get people's lives back to normal," he said.

Ford noted that he did not have the power to order the police to take action, but said his government would implement laws and provide resources.