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People say high rent causes homelessness but Ben, who has been homeless...

•, Michael Shellenberger

Ben says 95% of people have switched from heroin to fentanyl, and that some dealers aren't even selling it any more

He says the price came down from $200 to $60 a day over the last two years 

"Definitely addiction is the main driving force. After that, you're stuck. Like you can't really go back, it's hard to go, 'Oh, okay. I'm done being homeless. Now I'm going to just turn my life around." - Ben 

Ben's is a common story from honest homeless. Not everybody on the street is as honest. Many naive liberal journalists are hoodwinked by people who tell them what they want to hear, ie, that they're just down on their luck, can't afford the rent, that it's not about the drugs etc 

We should do what they do in Netherlands and Portugal, where homeless are required to stay in shelters and arrested for using drugs publicly, as the head of Portugal's program explains:

I also interviewed Cory this morning as he smoked fentanyl & meth. He has been camped with 3 others on a sidewalk a block from the "Linkage Center." I offered to take him there to get rehab. Cory said he'd think about it. He said he's in severe pain. Nobody's helping him.