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'We're not ashamed': Republican Oregon Governor favorite admits...


Republican candidate in the packed Republican Primary for Oregon Governor has been forced to admit he was a swinger after his posts on a private Facebook group were leaked ahead of the race.

Stan Pulliam, who is also the mayor of his hometown of Sandy, told his local paper that he and his wife of 12 years MacKensey 'ultimately decided' that the lifestyle 'wasn't for us,' but that he is 'not ashamed' of the decisions they 'made in the privacy of [their] own home.' 

The 40-year-old told the Williamette Week that he and MacKensey, 'explored relationships, mutual relationships with other couples, for a brief period of time.' 

'Several years ago, MacKensey and I, as a couple explored relationships with other couples for a brief period of time before we ultimately decided to focus solely on each other, our marriage and our family,' he expounded in a statement sent to

'And ever since, day in and day out, we've worked as a team to strengthen our family and to create a better community and state for our girls, and the hundreds of thousands of kids just like them, so they can safely grow up, live, work and stay right here in Oregon.'

Pulliam was pushed to speak out about his unusual married life after Facebook posts and a photo from Portland's Erotic Ball in 2011 surfaced. In it, the couple talk about being excited to join the swinging community and he even comments on illicit photos of other members.

It is unclear what effect the uncovered posts will have on Oregon's Republican primary, set for May 17. However, Pulliam is a favorite to win the GOP nomination in the liberal state, and he has said he has no intentions of withdrawing from the race.