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Boom! Candice Owens Schools Tucker Carlson: 'They Really Do Want A Global Technocracy'

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Technocracy News & Trends may finally be breaking through to media giants as Candace Owens lays it out to Tucker Carlson on FoxNews: "They really do want a global Technocracy." This hits the ears of millions of Americans who have never heard the word "Technocracy" before but now they have a vivid picture of what it will look like if not rejected now. ? TN Editor


CANDACE OWENS: There is so much I want to say here. You're talking NGOs, and I can't say enough: You have to look into what's really going and you have to understand that yes this was a manufactured, yes it was a plot.

Do not allow people to look at you and issue pejoratives and call you a conspiracy theorist. You can look this up yourself.