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COVID arguments based on Politics? + Q&A

• Rob Braxman Tech -

Let's debate and discuss what was in my last video about Vaxx checks. Why is it that every discussion about Covid always circles around politics? My video did not take a political stance. Nor did I profess anything controversial. It's just an analysis of the truth. Vaxx checks do not make you safer. Especially with Omicron.

Tonight, I will give you more detail that just reveals more of the stupidity of all these controls. Tonight, we will see if we can dump these fears. New information based on real stuff happening here. Those who come at me calling my video about "scientific illiteracy" will be eating crow.

If you agree or disagree, this is your time to give counter information. If there's anything in my video that you deem to be inaccurate per the powers of YT or in the minds of the politicians, this is the time to state it. I will listen and let's see who''s right.

I have a balanced enough view to accept if I'm wrong as well.