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EXCLUSIVE: La Quinta Columna 1-On-1: Spanish Researcher First to Reveal Graphene Oxide


Last November, Stew Peters published an interview with Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, a professor of chemical sciences at Spain's University of Almeira, who is part of La Quinta Column "(The Fifth Column"), the famous group of researchers who have dedicated themselves to investigating what's actually in the Covid vaccines, and discovered the shot contains graphene oxide.
On Thursday, Stew spoke with another member of the La Quinta team, Dr. Ricardo Delgado.

Dr. Ricardo believes the pandemic is fake, and what has actually been happening is that military technology has been turned on the population at-large, through the broadcasting of ionized radiation from 5G cell phone towers, which in turn, has negatively activated graphene oxide injected into the arms of millions through vaccination.


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5G is microwave, non-ionizing-radiation. UV light and up, is ionizing-radiation. at 5g frequencies, human pores become helical-resonators.