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22 Ways to Boost Food Production in 2022

• Organic Prepper - Jayne Rising

A new year has been birthed, and as we've pointed out in previous articles, there has been a huge influx of preppers over the past two years. With an interest in prepping comes an interest in food, and food production goes hand-in-hand with that. So if we have a garden, big or small, urban or rural, but it's not producing as much as we'd like, how can we go about changing that? What can we do to boost production in 2022? In a word: lots!

Production boosts are divided into four basic categories: efficient use of space, soil amendment, controlled environment technology, and season extension. In this article I'll discuss ideas in each category.

Efficient use of space

The very first (and perhaps easiest) means of producing your food production is to make a better use of your space. If you've only ever been able to put four zucchini plants in your garden in the past, if we can find a way to put in eight plants, we've effectively doubled our zucchini harvest.

We've become more efficient with our use of space. So, just what are some of our means of boosting our garden efficiency? Let's take a look…

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