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The Incredible Benefits of Agroforestry on Small Farms | Introduction to Agroforestry

• Regenerative Films

In this video, we visit James from@Tap o' Noth Permaculture - a food forest farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Tap o' Noth is an incredible 8-acre agroforestry permaculture small farm that integrates crops and animals alongside perennial planting. By using inspiration from how this land would be if left fully to Nature, James and his partner Rosa are using that to their advantage to create a place that not only produces food and fuel, but also makes Nature a core part of their whole operation.

From watching this video you will learn exactly what Agroforestry is, how it benefits farmers, plenty of examples of types of Agroforestry in action and what is needed to help make this amazing method more common in our food system. Agroforestry is a core element of Regenerative Agriculture.