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FLASH UPDATE - SEE BOTTOM - 7:45 PM EST -- Satellites Would Be Attacked First...


The situation between the US/NATO and Russia has become critical. If you hear news that any of these radar stations has had "an incident" that's your proof that WW3 has commenced and nuclear attack against the USA is in progress.

Most of you are aware from reports in mass media for several months saying "Russia is massing troops along Ukraine's border."  What those reports completely failed to say is that this was in response to Ukraine massing almost fifty percent of its entire army along the border of two breakaway states: Luhansk and Donetsk.

Those two states in eastern Ukraine, want to leave Ukraine and join Russia, but the government of Ukraine won't allow it.

The reason those two states want to leave Ukraine is that back in 2014, the US, the European Union (NATO) fomented riots and protests inside Ukraine that resulted in their President, Viktor Yanukovich, being overthrown.

It all started years earlier when the US/EU tried to "woo" Ukraine into moving away from Russia's sphere of influence, and into the sphere of influence of Europe and the US.   The US/EU spent billions through non-governmental organizations (NGO's) to provide "aid" to Ukraine.  The aid went to citizens and to groups inside Ukraine, NOT to the Ukraine government.

After a number of years of providing this "aid" the US/EU approached the Ukraine government and said "Look, we've supported you and your people, we are the future for Ukraine.  You really have no future if you remain loyal to Russia, we want you to officially come to us and become part of the EU."

Then-President, Viktor Yanukovich, thought about it, talked with his Ministers about it, and they all decided that it would be better if Ukraine remained loyal to Russia.  They basically told the EU and the US "Thanks, but no thanks."