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Preventing Cancer Metastatis

• Next Big Future - Brian Wang

This could be the key to preventing or stopping cancer metastasis which is the primary cause of death due to cancer.

99% of breast cancer patients survive five years after diagnosis, only 29% do if the cancer has metastasized, according to current numbers from the National Cancer Institute.

Nature Cancer – Small-molecule inhibitors that disrupt the MTDH–SND1 complex suppress breast cancer progression and metastasis

Nature Cancer – Pharmacological disruption of the MTDH–SND1 complex enhances tumor antigen presentation and synergizes with anti-PD-1 therapy in metastatic breast cancer

Two mechanisms, no side effects
Kang and his colleagues have shown that MTDH has two primary mechanisms: it helps tumors survive stresses they commonly experience as they grow or under the treatment of chemotherapy, plus it muzzles the alarm cry coming from organs invaded by tumors.

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