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Technocracy And The Politics Of Big Data Dominance

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Predictability of behavior is the holy grail of Technocrats and if you need a little help in becoming predictable, they have many ways to nudge, manipulate, suggest and force certain behaviors. As a predictable resource, data mined from your life and soul are sold to willing buyers. And, there are plenty of them! ? TN Editor

Big Data's hubristic claim that it understands humanity opens the door to dangerous manipulation.
Big Data has big things in store for us. The burgeoning industry devoted to collecting and analysing our every digital emission, no matter how minute or mundane, believes it has discovered the key to reading us, and predicting, if not prompting, our behaviour.

Such ambitions are not new. Political leaders and researchers throughout human history have thought they cracked the human code and could program us at will. So, what is different now? Why should we believe Big Data has figured us out? And even if the data analysts are wrong, what should we make of their hopes and designs? And what should we fear?