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Tesla Requests US To Keep Waiving Tariffs On Graphite From China

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Tesla is hoping it can convince the US government to continue to waive tariffs on graphite imported to the United States from China. It would be one thing if Tesla was just looking for a cheap option, however, the electric automaker says it can't get the critical material anywhere else.

Tesla notes that tariffs on graphite will have a negative impact on the automaker's battery cost, which will obviously impact the price of its cars. For those unaware, a massive percentage of the price of any electric car is attributed to its battery pack. Tesla explains via Electrek:

"Tesla supports the renewal of the exclusion of artificial graphite from the Section 301 tariffs. Tesla has demonstrated with the information presented in this request that artificial graphite is currently not available in the specifications nor capacity outside of its current suppliers and China that is required for Tesla's manufacture of EV batteries in the United States."