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Elon Says SpaceX Risks Bankruptcy Without a Raptor Engine Solution

• by Brian Wang

Elon emailed:
Unfortunately, the Raptor production crisis is much worse than it had seemed a few weeks ago. As we have dug into the issues following the exiting of prior senior management, they have unfortunately turned out to be far more severe than was reported. There is no way to sugarcoat this.

I was going to take this weekend off, as my first weekend off in a long time, but instead, I will be on the Raptor line all night and through the weekend.

Will Heltsley, former SpaceX senior vice president of propulsion, left SpaceX due to lack of Raptor production progress. SpaceX vice president of mission and launch operation Lee Rosen and senior director of mission and launch operations Rick Lim have left SpaceX.

Enough reliable Raptors are needed to fly Starship. Starship is needed for Starlink Satellite V2. SpaceX Falcon 9 has neither the volume nor the mass to orbit needed for satellite V2. Satellite V1 is financially weak, while V2 is strong.