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A Quick Look at The Situation in Italy

•, By Diego Fioretti

At least, I think I will be able to give some interesting leads. Here in Italy the road to serfdom is now totally clear, and I think italians are running quickly to a totalitarian state.

I'd like to report some news and some feelings.

About the news, I think we can we can summarize them saying that from Monday 6th December, only vaccinated people will have state authorization to have a life. Is my definition an exaggeration?

These are the facts:

Italy is divided in zone (white, yellow, orange and red) based on the public health system situation and on virus diffusion. Currently we have only white zones, but since the public health system is in a terrible shape from… well, from when I have memory, we are quite sure we are going to have a lot of yellow and orange zone, or even red. In each zone you have a worse limitation of your rights, from the block of some activities to a total lock down.
Currently it is mandatory a "basic" green pass (obtainable with the swab): you have to have it to work, go to restaurant, go inside offices and public buildings and so on.

From 6 December it will be mandatory also for: hotels, changing rooms for sporting activities, regional rail transport and local public transport.

From 6 December there will be also a "super" green pass (reinforced green pass), that you can have only if vaccinated or recovered from Covid. It will be mandatory to have access to shows, sporting events, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and discos, public ceremonies (activities that are allowed only in the white and yellow zone). Orange zone will have more limitations if you have not the reinforced green pass.

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