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"How US Gun Culture Stacks Up With the World"

• Eric Peters Autos

A good place to start would be the chock full o' non sequiturs it published the other day, titled as per the headline of this dissection thereof.

"Ubiquitous gun violence in the United States . . ." it opens. Wait a minute. Let me consult my dictionary as ubiquitous is a big word and I want to be sure I have the meaning right. Ah, yes. Ubiquitous. Synonyms include omnipresent and everywhere.

Got it

I look out my window and do not see "ubiquitous" gun violence or even any, at all. In fact, there is essentially no – as in zero – gun violence in my rural SW Virginia county (Floyd, Va.) notwithstanding that guns are, indeed, very ubiquitous. If I turn my head the other direction, away from the window, I will see some of them. The ones I own. They are much like the guns my neighbors own. That practically everyone in my rural county owns yet almost no one ever commits violence with.

This being a fact – and not by any means an isolated one (there are similar gun-concentrations in most rural areas and a similar dearth of what the CNN people style "gun violence" in those areas) and for that reason, the CNN piece is simply, factually, in error.