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FCC filing for 4500 More Amazon Satellites

•, by Brian Wang

Amazon's old plan was for 3236 satellites. If the new request is approved they will launch a total of 7774 satellites. They plan to start launching two satellites next year.

The Kuiper satellites will operate between 590 and 630 km (370 and 390 mi). Kuiper will use Amazon's previously announced large network of 12 satellite ground station facilities announced in November 2018. As of April 2021, the Kuiper System is planned to consist of 3,236 satellites operating in 98 orbital planes in three orbital shells, one each at 590 km (370 mi), 610 km (380 mi), and 630 km (390 mi) orbital altitude.

SpaceX Starlink network has about 1700 satellites already in space and providing commercial services to hundreds of thousands of customers. SpaceX has filed plans to launch 42,000 satellites.