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90% of San Diego Police Officers Are Opposed to the City's Covid Vaccine Mandate

•, SDRostra and CBS local

The City of San Diego is experiencing a surge of violent crime under the leadership of Democrat Mayor Todd Gloria. The Mayor and the San Diego City Council enacted the dangerous vaccine mandate that will terminate 1,000 city employees, putting the citizens of San Diego in jeopardy, leaving the city open to rampant violence and crime. The mandate will terminate about 500 San Diego Police Department officers, 100 San Diego Fire Department firefighters, 20 radio 911-Dispatchers and several hundred civilian employees including trash collectors, city maintenance workers, librarians, water plant engineers, and dozens of other categories of employees who make the City of San Diego function daily.

Excerpt from an article written by a San Diego police officer:

The city is clearly not in its collective right mind. City leaders have not considered the fiscal impact of losing 1,000 employees. The average employee with 10 years of service has approximately $100,000 in their respective retirement accounts. These accounts are managed by the city like a bank manages a customer's account. The money is played in the stock market in hopes of capital gains, with the city benefitting.

Imagine if one thousand employees take their retirements upon termination. Then image if those employees file class action lawsuits for Civil Rights violations and wrongful termination. Can the city really afford that financial burden? It would likely be in the hundred of millions of dollars.