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Did Venezuela's State-Owned Bank Collapse?

•,by J.G. Martinez

So, yes, the situation is much worse than you could imagine. No one knows if their money will be there once the systems are back online. 

"Bank holidays" are common in an economic collapse. About a decade ago this happened in Greece.

Wise people were prepared with the right goods

The features and traits of the Venezuelan collapse are pretty unique, however. Unlike some other countries in similar circumstances, we have not engaged in a full-scale rebellion, nor do most people wish for one.  We are getting by with what we have.

I never trusted in the national monetary policy or the "system" in place, and with good reason. Many people feel the way I do, and those with enough space at home invested in things like used cars, for example, rather than using the system. Venezuela is the only country where a used car gains value over time. Nowadays, this seems reasonable: the big car manufacturers that once provided well-paid jobs and made the country work with their products shut down the assembling plants and threw away the keys. They are not coming back any time soon with the absolute lack of a legal system to guarantee, as a minimum, the return of their investment.