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Physician Explains How to Get Off Big Pharma's Toxic Treadmill...

• By Childrens Health Defense Team

The latest episode of CHD.TV's "The Empower Hour" features interviews with Carole Grieve of Food Integrity Now, Anne Williams, R.N., of Parents Against MiraLAX, and Dr. Eric Plasker, author of "100 Year Lifestyle."

Honeycutt opened the show with Grieve, who provided a roundup of some of the latest food news, including breaking news on candy, coffee and UK regulations on genetically modified foods and GMOs.

Grieve talked about many trending news stories, including:

Just in time for Halloween, 500 tonnes (1,120,000 pounds) of contaminated Indian GMO rice used for sweets for the Mars candy bar company have been recalled for contamination.

Finland has developed a way to create lab-grown, GMO coffee.

The UK government removed costs and farming regulations so companies and research organizations can conduct more trials to sell gene-edited crops, GMOs and gene-edited animals.

Japan is selling genome-edited tomatoes, which are known to contain GABA, an an amino acid that serves as the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter between nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, and which has a "calming effect" on people.

Following Grieve's news roundup, Williams, a registered nurse who works in hospice care, described what happened when her 12-year-old son with pre-existing health issues began taking daily MiraLAX, an over-the-counter medication made by Bayer.

Her son's pediatrician recommended the medication, despite the drug not being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for children under 16.

After six days of night terrors, insomnia and withdrawn behavior, her son was admitted to a mental health unit for three days, against her wishes.