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Taiwan Says 77 Chinese Warplanes Enter its Defense Zone in the Span of Two Days

•, By Jim Hoft

China, dubbed the Sleeping Giant, continued to bully and claim territory to its neighboring countries. China claims Taiwan as part of its territory under its "One China Principle", but Taiwan asserted that the country is a sovereign state.

A total of 77 warplanes from China were deployed in two batches into Taiwan's defense zone.

The self-governing island said a total of 39 Chinese military aircraft entered the ADIZ on Saturday, one more than the 38 planes it spotted on Friday.

The 38 and 39 planes respectively are the highest number of incursions Taiwan has reported in a day since it began publicly reporting such activities last year.

The incursions on Saturday came in two batches — 20 planes during daytime hours and 19 planes at night, the ministry said in two statements. They were made by 26 J-16 fighter jets, 10 Su-30 fighter jets, two Y-8 anti-submarine warning aircraft and one KJ-500 airborne early warning and control plane, the Defense Ministry said.

In response to the incursions, the Taiwanese air force scrambled aircraft, issued radio warnings, and deployed air defense missiles systems, the ministry added. Maps provided by the Taiwan Defense Ministry showed all of the Chinese flights on Saturday were in the extreme southwestern part of the island's ADIZ.

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