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German Elections Too Close To Call With Merkel Bloc, Social Democrats Tied

• by Tyler Durden

The following is a breakdown by party compared with the most recent polling average and the respective performance in the previous election in 2017:

SPD 25% - 25.3% - 20.5

CDU/CSU 25% - 22.5% - 32.9%

Greens 15% - 16% - 8.9%

FDP 11% - 11.2% - 10.7%

AfD 11% - 10.5% - 12.6%

Left Party 5% - 6.1%  - 9.2%

In a nutshell, the exit polling -- especially since up to 50% of ballots have yet to be counted -- suggests that Germany's federal election was too close to call after an exit poll by broadcaster ARD.

Meanwhile, as Bloomberg notes, there is already a shocker: the Left is at 5%, is teetering on the threshold to get into the Bundestag at all. That could rule out a potential red-green-red coalition of SPD-Greens-Left. Everything from the point on is about two options: CDU/CSU, Greens, FDP or SPD, Greens, FDP. Who should be celebrating already? Greens and the pro-business FDP, whose 11% result (if confirmed) would give them a solid mandate to negotiate a potential role in a coalition. That's bound to be welcomed by German business leaders, just as much as the anti-capitalist Left party hovering around 5%.