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An Undertaker Explains How the Depopulation Project Is Working

• by Paul Craig Rob

Despite the coherence and sincerity of the undertaker, few are likely to take his account seriously.  For decades Americans have been indoctrinated to regard all explanations contrary to official accounts as "conspiracy theory."  The CIA planted conspiracy theory on the media to discredit highly credible accounts of President John F. Kennedy's assassination that rejected the official narrative, and since 1963 the presstitutes have used "conspiracy theory" to shut down all challenges to official narratives.  The consequence is that instead of thinking and considering alternative explanations, most people, at least initially, dismiss non-official explanations.  People who know from lifelong experience that government always lies nevertheless always fall for the next lie.  

Many Americans think that if the official narrative was not true, doctors would not go along with it.  They believe this, because they mistakenly think that doctors are independent and in charge. As Dr. Ted Noel explains, that is not the case.

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