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French doctor arrested, dragged out of his home for prescribing ivermectin to covid patients


Théron's arrest happened at the behest of the Council of the Order of Physicians, which filed a complaint against him for saving lives with ivermectin rather than ending lives with "vaccines."

The incident occurred on September 19 right as Théron was in the middle of consulting with a patient. He reportedly received three other complaints as well from other Branch Covidian entities that accused him of malpractice for administering ivermectin.

A former public health doctor who retired in 2020, Théron currently practices medicine non-contracted, meaning he is independent. He adopted the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) treatment protocol of Dr. Didier Raoult, who is also being persecuted for helping Chinese Virus patients heal.

Dr. Raoult's protocol involves the use of ivermectin, zinc and a drug called dazitromicin. Many people have been cured of the Wuhan Flu using this approach, including many of Théron's patients.

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