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Jonathan Landsman warns COVID-19 vaccines cause liver injury - Brighteon.TV

• Natural News - Mary Villareal

(Natural News) In this episode of the Health Ranger Report, Health Ranger Mike Adams speaks with Jonathan Landsman, the founder of the Fatty Liver docu class, to discuss the importance of a healthy liver.

Right off the bat, the pair talk about keeping the liver healthy, and how transplants are not always necessary for those who have problems with their liver.

Landsman talks about how big hospitals would rather watch their patients die than actually help them find ways to stay healthy.

This was true a few years ago, and it seems that this remains true today, amid the coronavirus pandemic, where hospitals would rather hold effective medication to follow "protocol."

Landsman emphasized that lifestyle plays a part in health, and with the amount of junk food being consumed by people daily, kidney and liver disease already affects the health before anyone is even aware of the damage done.

During the pandemic, a failing liver, for instance, can significantly impact the chance of getting better from COVID-19. Landsman pointed out that health practitioners knew those who had died because of the virus really had comorbidities that severely impacted their health.