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Hackers Compromise Web Portal -- DNS Hijack Replaces Site With BTC Doubler Scam

•, by Jamie Redman

Website Operator Cobra Warns Has Been Compromised

The mysterious operator of the web portal, Cobra, is once again surrounded by controversy. According to the pseudonymous operator of the website, has been attacked. " has been compromised," Cobra tweeted early Thursday morning (EST). "[I am] currently looking into how the hackers put up the scam model on the site. May be down for a few days."

The scam model Cobra speaks of is a doubler scam that attempts to entice people to deposit a fraction of bitcoin with the promise of doubling the deposit. Of course, victims who deposit funds into the doubler scam never get the double reward, as the hackers simply take all the funds after they have accumulated to something worthwhile.

According to one account, the scammers were able to get $17,000 in bitcoin (BTC) while the phony page was online. Some have said that the scam wallet did not make as much money as the website displayed.

"For context, 3 people have sent $100, 1 person has sent around $200, the rest(0.4 BTC) seems to have been sent as a way to make the 'giveaway' seem legitimate, so likely [a] scammer's own coins," one individual mentioned.