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Here's the Dirt on Healthy Garden Soil

• Organic Prepper - Jayne Rising

When you look at the soil in your garden, do you see healthy garden soil? Or, do you see a pile of lifeless, inert stuff? Soil is an ecosystem in its own right, with flora, fauna, and chemical reactions all its own. Healthy garden soil is full of life, and in this article, we'll dig in! (Pun intended!)

Understanding soil is an important part of self-reliance.

What are the different soil types and compositions of those types?

Soil type classifications are in a triangular fashion between clay, silt, and loam. Clay soils hold water very well but don't drain well, and roots have difficulty growing through it. Whereas sandy soils drain well and plant roots grow easily, it holds little in the way of nutrients. Silts have more nutrients but drain too quickly. An ideal soil is more of loam, with the three best qualities: lots of nutrients, drains well but not too fast, and plant roots can easily grow in it. As always, the usual life situation is less than ideal.