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7 Best Portable Printers for RVers (2021)

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Since the pandemic, more people are living and working remotely from an RV than ever before. These portable printers are perfect for RVers.

While not everyone thinks about bringing a printer on the road with them, some people feel it's a necessity. Whether you are working from the road or strictly traveling, you might want an easy way to print reservations, invoices, contracts, photos, or reports.

The good news is that just like other technology, printers have gotten smaller and more lightweight over the years. If a printer in your RV is a necessity, you can be sure to find a portable one that fits your needs on this list!

Two Types of Portable Printers

Do you want to be able to print pocket-sized photos from your smartphone? Or do you need a printer that can be used to copy, scan and print important documents for work? There are portable printers that can do it all!

Specific Task Printers

Did you know that there are printers nowadays that are made to work well with specific devices? Many of these devices are small, but focus only one a single task, like printing photos. 

Many of these printers can print without the use of Wi-Fi. Some are made to only print 4×6 photos while others can print high-quality, letter-size documents.

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Portable All-In-One Printers 

If you are looking for a printer that is capable of doing it all, such as scan, copy, print, and is compact enough to travel, you are in luck! There are some travel printers that can do everything that once took several different devices to accomplish.