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On the September 18 Rally for Prisoners of January 6

• by Patrick Byrne

I understand why citizens would rally in support of the prisoners of January 6. I agree that these lengthy (often solitary) incarcerations without charges are deeply problematic and their reported treatment is atrocious. The silence of the Mainstream Media on the subject reflects the asymmetric and hypocritical outrage that has made them among the least trusted American institution after Congress, and is proof of their perfidy and cowardice (as though further proof were needed). Thus, it is natural for some might feel that a rally in DC is called for and the right way to approach this.

One obvious reason to question the wisdom of this rally is that it could easily be a setup. Though I have not been close to this "Nancy's Dungeon" aspect of our movement, I am close enough to know that this rally did not arise through any organic process of which I am aware. I did not hear people calling for it within the circles I roam. I did not hear groups debating where and how to do this. It was announced out of the blue four weeks ago by Matt Braynard on a podcast with Steve Bannon. As I explained in A message to Militias Across America About Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie), one dimension of political espionage is to get opponents to hold demonstrations that one infiltrates and corrupts (e.g., by getting them to do something violent, thus driving a wedge between them and the public).