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Decouple Your Life From Crazed Maskers and Vaxers

•, By Allan Stevo

I like it very much, though, because I am helping lions to wake up and grow skill in their own lives, skill that will help them in all manner of battles ahead.

However, while I help people jump through those hoops, there is a reality that everyone who is going to fight a maskhole and a vaxhole needs to face: they don't want you. You think too freely for them, and that scares them.

You can dominate them, you can obey them, or you can avoid them.

This may, ultimately, mean separate societies. Perhaps we can alternately return to the American ideal of "Live and let live." That approach is not looking likely, without some rude awakening.

Thankfully, those separate societies already exist among those who have put in the work. They have found the right places, surrounded themselves with the right people. No one in their lives will ever ask any of them to show a vaccine card.

The rest of us need to play catch up to find that situation in life. You cannot expect to overcome 20 years of slacking overnight.