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Should I Weigh My RV?

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There are so many weights: dry weight, curb weight, axle weight, vehicle weight, towing capacity, trailer weight, total combined weight.

How does one know what each weight category means? Beyond that, how does one determine the weight of their RV combination? Let's just answer one question at a time.

In a post in the RV Lifestyle Group on Facebook, someone asked if they should go to a truck weigh station along the interstate. No! They would probably be rather upset if you did.

Those are intended for commercial trucking only. They also are not likely to be able to provide you with a printed weigh ticket containing the information.

CAT Scales

CAT scales are present at numerous truck stops. Their website has a listing of all facilities.

Recently the fee to weigh was $11, plus $2 if you need to do a re-weigh. The process is fairly simple, but you could always park first and go inside to ask about the procedure at the service desk.

CAT scales are intended for truckers, who need to know the separate weights of the front axle (or steer axle), the drive axle(s), and the trailer axle(s), plus the total weight. For this reason, the scale consists of three platforms.

Due to the dimensions of the various RV combinations, it might be difficult to get the right axles positioned on the right platforms. You might have to move during the weighing process.