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Democrats Plan to Spend $870 Million on Border Security in Middle East - $0 for Southern Border Wall

•, By Grant Atkinson

House Democrats released their proposed budget for the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday, and it includes plenty of giveaways for friends and allies, according to Breitbart, but nothing for one of the most effective ways to address the surge of illegal immigration into the country.

Breitbart reported that the proposed budget reduces funding for Customs and Border Protection by a whopping $930 million. Funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement would also be cut by $1.5 million compared to this year fiscal year.

In addition, the budget provides absolutely no funding for the wall at the southern border. Construction on that wall began under former President Donald Trump, and $2.06 billion had been designated as funds for the wall under his watch.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' proposed budget for the Department of Defense reveals plans to spend massive sums of money for border security in other countries.

Democrats have proposed spending $370 million in reimbursements to the Middle Eastern countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman for "enhanced border security."

According to the budget, the secretary of defense simply has to inform Congress before sending money to these countries and provide an update each quarter about how the funds are being used.

On top of that $370 million, the budget proposes an additional $500 million be sent to Jordan "to support the armed forces…and to enhance security along its borders."

All told, the United States could spend up to $870 million in enhanced border security efforts for Middle Eastern countries. Breitbart reported. Meanwhile, they would not spend a dime on a border wall for America.