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Have Canadians wearied of Trudeau's vapid wokeness?

• by Dan Hannan

Crises bolster all but the most obviously useless incumbents, and Canada has had, as measured by deaths, vaccine rollout, and economic impact, a better pandemic than many comparable countries.

The pleasant, handsome, vapid prime minister, who has been leading a minority government since the 2019 election, understandably saw an opportunity to give himself an absolute majority.

Yet the moment he called the election, the polls began to narrow. As I write, the ruling Liberals and the opposition Conservatives are neck and neck — indeed, if anything, the Tories have a slight edge. True, the Tories had a slight edge two years ago, winning a plurality of the vote but coming out way behind in terms of seats.

Still, it is astonishing to see a popular leader with an almost slavishly supportive set of broadcasters struggling to hang on when the pandemic is not yet over. What went wrong for him?