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Our upcoming revolutionary classes coming up this Fall

• Freogan Fellowship Learning

What We've Got Planned for this Fall


Education is in crisis.

From political indoctrination to school violence, police presence on campuses, and dystopian restrictions on normal human behavior and interaction, it is becoming increasingly clear to more and more parents that sending their children to school is no longer in their best interests.

This presents us with an unprecedented opportunity – not only to exit a badly broken system, but to reimagine what education is, what it can be, and what we want it to be for our children.

That's what we're doing at Freogan Fellowship Learning, the education arm of Freogan Fellowship Ministry – a private membership association.

Starting this October, we will be offering to our members live, online classes for teens in the humanities. Through our curriculum, we aim to restore what has been eroded by decades of ideologically motivated instruction; to give students a deep understanding of what is required for free societies to flourish; and above all, to encourage and strengthen students' capacity for independent thought and critical reasoning.

We will begin with two courses that are directly relevant to some of the greatest challenges of our time:

"Propaganda and the Personal" - This course will explore propaganda, politics, and the personal, with a focus on the 20th Century up to the present moment. We will examine some of the key players, the ideologies, and the techniques that have led us to the current crisis, as well as what our part in it has been and could be.

We will compassionately interrogate our own biases and assumptions so that we are not doomed to repeat, and we will find ways forward – to begin building a future that we truly want for ourselves and our communities.

"Our Common-Law Foundations" - This course will utilize the Socratic method to explore the roots of the modern western legal system. We will be using outside sources, and students should expect lots of real-time conversation. There will be some reading to be done outside of class, as well as some thinking.

Beginning in the spring, we will also offer courses in literature, history, and economics.

Freogan Fellowship Learning also plans to create live in-person learning and social events, and to help connect others around the country and around the world, who want to do the same.

To learn more, please contact us.