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Free Speech Alert! San Diego County Declares "Covid Misinformation" A Public Health Crisis

•, by Kelen McBreen

The resolution, authored by San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, states that "using health misinformation is causing a public health crisis" in San Diego County.

The Board Letter introducing the proposal states, "At a pivotal time in our history, with an FDA-approved vaccine available to all San Diegans free of charge and booster shots recommended later this year, health misinformation now presents a greater threat to public health than a variant of COVID-19."

Explaining his reason for submitting the resolution, Fletcher said, "Combatting health misinformation needs to start on the ground, in counties and cities across our nation. San Diego County took the first step by becoming the first local jurisdiction in the country to align its policies with the U.S. Surgeon General's recommendations to fight health misinformation. Health misinformation is a national crisis and it requires all of us to fight against it together."

The county will take the following actions for now.

Despite the declaration blatantly opposing the First Amendment's protection of free speech, Fletcher claimed, "I fully support the first amendment, and people's right to say and believe what they want, but we also have the right and responsibility to call out things that are objectively false."