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Will America Fall Just as Fast as Afghanistan? Because that's Probably the Plan

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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

I have not previously reported on anything happening in Afghanistan the past couple of weeks, because it is mostly a distraction and a psyop carefully orchestrated and advertised via the puppet corporate media who is controlled by the Wall Street bankers and billionaires who run the United States. The people calling the shots in Afghanistan are not politicians, and they cannot be "voted out of office."

Since so much of what is being published about Afghanistan is wrong, or pure propaganda, including many in the alternative media (particularly the Conservative/Right alternative media blaming everything on Biden) who have no clue, I have decided to do one article on it, because the way the current infrastructure in Afghanistan so quickly fell apart and changed hands, is very likely an indication of what the Globalists have planned for the destruction of the United States as well.

The CIA Has Controlled Afghanistan for Decades

The U.S. involvement in Afghanistan precedes the "War on Terror" that the U.S. Government started after the 911 events, and can actually be traced back to another "war" that the U.S. declared under then President Nixon in the 1970s: The War on Drugs.

The very lucrative opium trade from the lush poppy fields of Afghanistan has always been a motivating factor for being engaged in Afghanistan.

But there were other reasons as well that are traced back to the "Cold War" with the Soviet Union in the late 1970s.

Michel Chossudovsky, editor of Global Research, recently republished an interview from 2001 with Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the National Security Adviser to President Carter, where he admitted that the CIA was funding the Mujahideen 6 months before Soviet intervention.

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