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Zion - The Social Network Built on Bitcoin

• Get Zion't just get paid to create. Get paid to consume.

Imagine getting paid for that perfect meme or that hilarious comment on your friend's post.

Turn your comments into cash. Turn your brilliance into Bitcoin. Turn your sarcasm into satoshis.

Own your community.

Every successful creator on the internet has built a mansion in someone else's backyard.

What if you built your mansion on your own sovereign land?

What if you owned the community that you worked so hard to build?

With Zion, your node is your mansion. And you own it.

Not fans. Family.

Communities on Zion are where everyone discusses, shares and gets paid for their contributions.

Subscribing to a creator's community is like "voting with your money": if you love the content you see, you can participate in the discussion or compensate the creator.