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NEW YORK TYRANNY! - Cuomo DEMANDS Private Businesses BAN Unvaxxed! -

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson - Bitchut

Josh Sigurdson reports on the continuing tyranny in New York as Governor Andrew Cuomo demands small businesses ban unvaccinated people from entering, a further medical discrimination against people who believe in the most basic fundamental freedom, bodily autonomy.
With recent claims by New York Governor Cuomo that he expects by year end to ban people going in or out of the state without a jab, the most recent push for private businesses to ban the unvaccinated is truly insane. This takes all of the responsibility off of the hands of the state and into the hands of the private businesses as there are serious legal issues restricting the state from actually enforcing such a crazy, Chinese style social credit system tied to vaccinate passports.
All the while, there are almost no protests against these ridiculous freedom grabs. When will people stand up?
The stats show more people in hospital who are jabbed than UNJABBED. And that is with PCR threshold manipulation of 20 to 28 cycles for jabbed and 40 to 50 for unjabbed. The manipulation of data is absolutely astonishing.