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Interesting Van Life Gatherings & Events Guide (2021)

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One of the newest trends when it comes to living an RV lifestyle is Vanlife.

Jennifer and I loved hitting the open road in all our Class B vans in the past – and Class Bs are considered a camper van – the staple in #vanlife, so we can see why they are becoming so popular!

Not only are Class B vans compact and easy to drive, but they make accessing boondocking on public land easy to do.

If you own a Class B camper van, you can explore national parks and other outdoor spaces, but you can also park in urban areas. It is a great way to see what different cities have to offer.

What is a Van Lifer?

Van lifers are a group of people that have, for the most part, decided to travel (and work) while living in a camper van full time. Why not work and have a road trip simultaneously?

Many people in this awesome community embrace having an open mind and living in tiny spaces. They like knowing that their lifestyle leaves a tiny footprint on our Earth.