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The Importance of Teaching Children to Become Resilient

• Organic Prepper - by Joanna Miller

Have you ever considered the importance of teaching children to become resilient?

For us, as adults, it's easy to get frustrated these days. Whether you are a big-picture person, looking at the trends in surveillance technology and "The Great Reset" hubris, or an ordinary person frustrated by spiking prices and constant supply headaches. Many of us have had to tap into our inner resources to stand resilient in the face of these challenges.

How can we teach kids to do the same? How do we teach our children the vital skill of resilience?

Helping your children find their tribe

Many of us found our friendships and family relationships changed over the past year. I know my children have dealt with the same thing. With remote schooling, they could not see friends in person anymore. My children found, after talking online, many of their friends held widely different views on what has been happening. For example, my children have had former friends tell them it's the fault of "people like us" (the vaccine-hesitant) that old people are all dying. 

It's worth the effort to help your kids find at least one or two kids with similar interests and values. My daughter has a Canadian pen pal who is very like-minded. They don't correspond super regularly, but it's enough for my daughter to know she's not alone. My boys know to practice OPSEC in general, but we know a couple of families in town around whom we can speak freely.  

Taking care of your own mental health will help your children